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How Your Money Will Help Us

Faustine has been written by Lucy Padwick and is due to perform this autumn, under the direction of Fiona Munro. Already, we have sought a producer and booked a venue for its first R&D performance (details to be announced soon!).

We have big plans for Faustine, hoping to one day take the show to a West End theatre, but we need your kind donations to get it off the ground. 

We will use your donations to ensure those collaborating with us will be paid fairly for their hard work. As artists, we understand how frustrating it can be to spend weeks or often longer on a project and be paid very little for that dedication of talent and time. This is why we hope to raise £600 to cover Equity rate pay for our producer, stage manager, voice over artist and puppeteer. 

We know times are hard, so thank you for taking the time to support us. If you would like to contribute please find a link to our Crowdfunder below.

You can also support us by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Go on, give us a follow. Do it for womankind.

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