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Where Classical Theatre and Feminist Theatre Collide

Light at Midnight Theatre make exciting original plays which explore the female stories in classical theatre and retell them through a modern lens. We'll make you laugh, we'll make you cry, and if you're debating the injustices of the patriarchy over a glass of merlot in the theatre bar after, we'll consider our show a success. 

We tell the bards, the poets and the playwrights to take a seat and enjoy the carnage, as we inject some female-fuelled fun into classically male works. 

"Women are light at midnight." Sounds alluring and mysterious, right? Wrong! 

This quote is from Measure For Measure, Act 5, Scene 1.  Escalus and Lucio are plotting to force a confession out of Isabella "in private".

Escalus: "I will go darkly to work with her."

Lucio: "That is the way, for women are light at midnight." 

Classical theatre is not always kind to women, it doesn't show them in the most favourable light. Yet the stories are captivating and entertaining enough to stand the test of time. 

We're shining a light on humanity's midnight deeds in hope to enact change for a fairer, more equal society - and we'll do it with a banging soundtrack too! 




Fiona is a self-confessed Shakespeare nerd and coffee lover. Since training as an actor, Fiona has been working as a director, assistant director and stage manager for companies including the Rose Playhouse, the Pendley Shakespeare Festival and RCSSD. She is rarely found without her trusty dachshund 'Pan' by her side or a script to edit in her enormous handbag.

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Originally from Southampton, Lucy is an actor, writer and artist. She trained at the Manchester School of Theatre, graduating in 2017, and since then has been developing her skills as a writer. FAUSTINE is her second play and she is excited to perform her own words - especially since her first play was non-verbal. Occasionally, you can find her hunched over watercolours and acrylics, accidentally dunking paintbrushes into peppermint tea.


We couldn't do it without them!



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